BBC iPlayer Radio on Android (Nexus 7)
The BBC iPlayer app for iOS added download features for TV shows a while ago but the iPlayer radio app doesn’t have download options. The reason the app can only offer podcast downloads and not full shows is that authorisation was required from the BBC Trust who pass it off to broadcast regulator Ofcom. The BBC have now been given permission to have downloads and are going to add the feature to app next year. Currently only the iOS TV iPlayer TV app has download options hopefully the Android version will get the feature soon and how about an iPlayer app for Windows 8/RT?

Via the BBC Trust blog

The BBC Trust has approved proposals from the BBC Executive to offer BBC radio content for download to bring it into line with TV catch-up programmes on iPlayer.

Currently, for BBC radio catch-up programmes other than podcasts, the audience can only listen to such content on iPlayer as audio streams for up to seven days after the original broadcast. The proposal approved by the Trust brings radio in line with TV by giving listeners seven days to download catch-up content, 30 days to store it before opening and, once opened, seven days to listen.

The Trust has carried out an assessment of the significance of the proposal and has also sought advice from Ofcom. The Trust’s assessment and Ofcom’s advice can be found below.

The BBC expects the extended downloads offer to be available in 2014.

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