My Memories for Windows Media Center

Just a quick post to say that My Memories for Windows Media Center the screen saver for Media Center that works on extenders has be released for the Media Center app store. The addin uses your photos to make a great screen saver for Media Center, there are random transitions and it works on Extenders as well as your HTPC.

The trail version is free from or you can download it via the Windows Media Center Store addin. The full version only costs $5

Media Center Screen Saver That Works On Extenders!

My Memories can replace your standard Media Center photo screen saver as well as well as add one for your Xbox, Ceton Echo, or other Media Center Extender. Rich animations and transitions work great on your HTPC or Xbox.

Photos from your pictures library will randomly fill several different layouts. You can skip more quickly between them by pressing the skip forward button on your remote.

Set My Memories to only run on your extenders and keep the current screen saver on your HTPC. Choose whether or not you would like My Memories to be interactive. Set the desired interval between layout changes.

My Memories for Media Center allows you to interact with the screen saver if you wish. Select an image from the layout and it will enlarge to fill your screen. The screen saver will resume after going back to the main layout.

My Memories also works on Windows 8

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