Ferrari by Logic3 make some great audio equipment, I have reviewed some of their headphones and sound systems in the past and always been impressed with the sound quality and the build quality. The R300 headphones and styled to match the Ferrari Racing team colours and use active noise cancelling technology.

The headphones are very well made and solid, they have metal arms and soft ear pads making them very comfortable to wear even over a long period of time. The R300s take two AAA batteries (supplied) that power the noise cancelling that Logic3 say will minimize the background noise you hear while listening to music

Obviously the most important aspects of headphones are the sound quality and the R300 sound quality is amazing, the whole spectrum range is clear and well defined and boy they can go loud! I tested them at home with my kids playing the Xbox and normally I can hear them over just about anything I can play but with the R300 I couldn’t hear them at all, in fact I couldn’t hear myself talking, you are totally cut off from the world. The immersive sound you get is fantastic, while I was reviewing them I just sat back and listened to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon and I was transfixed by the sound quality. Also with more modern bass heavy music the sound quality is great.

One of my laptops has dual headphone ports so I tested the R300 back to back with my Sennheiser headphones I use for podcast recordings. The Ferrari headphones just blew my own Sennheiser (but to be fair the Sennheiser where cheaper)

The headphones come in a travel case (trimmed in carbon fibre textures) and is supplied with a 3 button cable for Apple devices and a 1 button remote for Android, Windows Phone and other devices. The sound quality is excellent, they are extremely comfortable and if you like Ferrari they look great. You are certainly going to standout wearing them. I loved how well the isolate you from the rest of the world while using the headphones.

In this video I take a look at what is the box and put the headphones through their paces.

The R300 costs £269, more details on Ferrari by Logic3’s site


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