There is a new Media Center app in the Windows Store that can be used to view Windows Media Center EPG and stream Media Center videos on Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. The app works with your Windows Media Center via the Remote Potato addin for Windows which is a server application and is the back end for many Windows Media Center remote control applications It has features like Remote MCE Scheduling, Recorded TV Streaming and Remote EPG Viewing. The Remote Potato addin is free and the Metro Media Center app costs £2.19. 

Thanks to Richard for the tip


This application allows the scheduling and viewing of television programs. 
If viewing recorded TV gives an error “MF_Media_Engine_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED HRESULT -0x8000FFF”, please reduce the resolution in “settings” significantly as the MCE cannot transcode fast enough. The recorded TV also doesn’t cater for DRMed recorded shows.

This application connects to a Windows Media Centre PC with the Remote Potato Server installed (see for details on this server).
For a better streaming experience, setup the Windows MCE computer with Media Sharing. Connecting via the Media Server Button give a more standard fully capable streaming experience.

Prior to setting up this application, please ensure that the Windows MCE and Remote Potato are both installed and working.

This product passes on the video stream generated by Remote Potato. 

Use the trial version period to ensure that this application works on your setup prior to purchasing.
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