Skype for Windows Phone 8

Skype for Windows Phone 8 has been updated with some nice new features. Version 2.4 Preview for Windows Phone 8 now supports 720p video calling and video calling in landscape mode. There is also camera switching, multiple account switching and integration into the People Hub as well as the usual bug fixes.

I find the call quality with Skype on Windows Phone to be very good and HD video makes it even better. You can down the app from the Windows Phone Store. Details from the Skype Blog:


Full release notes for Skype 2.4 preview for Windows Phone 8 are:

New and changed features:

  • Higher quality video calling, and up to 720P on supported devices and depending on network conditions
  • Video calling in landscape mode
  • Camera switching
  • Enabled People Hub integration
  • Switch accounts



Switch accounts, switch camera, landscape video, 3G to WiFi handover and *loads* of bug fixes 🙂

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