Google enter the premium Notebook market with the Chromebook Pixel

When I think of a Chromebook from Google I think low costs, basic spec, browser only notebook but the today’s announcement of the Chromebook Pixel is going to change that. The £1049 Pixel is a high end 2560×1700 resolution Notebook with Gorilla Glass multi-touch screen, backlit keyboard, USB3, 32GB storage, i5 Processor and Intel HD graphics. There is no cheap plastic casing on this device. It has an aluminium body, hidden vents and invisible screws, Google seem to be taking on the Retina Macbook Pro with this device but it still is a Chrome only device.

Over £1000 for a device that only runs a web browser seems very expensive but it could be a very interesting device. The Chromebook Pixel is available from Google Play now and Google say it will ship in less than a week. Anybody looking to pick one up?

A spectacular view

4.3 million pixels – each invisible to the unaided eye – work together to bring you crisp text, vivid colours, and extra wide viewing angles. The 12.85″ screen has the highest pixel density of any laptop, and with a 3:2 photographic format that’s designed for the web, you can put every one of those pixels to good use.

At your fingertips

Organise windows, swipe through apps, and edit photos with the tip of your finger. A 0.55mm layer of touch-enabled Gorilla® Glass fused directly to the screen gives you smooth interactions while preserving picture clarity.




12.85″ display with a 3:2 aspect ratio
2560 x 1700, at 239 PPI
400 nit screen
178° extra-wide viewing angle


Gorilla® Glass multi-touch screen
Backlit Chrome keyboard
Fully clickable, etched-glass trackpad
HD Webcam


2 x USB 2.0
mini display port
2-in-1 card reader supporting: SD, MMC

Industrial Design

Active cooling with no visible vents
Machined from anodized aluminum
ENERGY STAR® certified


297.7 x 224.6 x 16.2 mm


3.35 lbs / 1.52 kg


Intel® Core™ i5 Processor (Dual Core 1.8GHz)
Intel® HD Graphics 4000 (Integrated)


32 GB Solid State Drive*


Headphone/microphone jack
Built-in microphone array
Integrated DSP for noise cancellation
Powerful speakers tuned for clarity


Up to 5 hours of active use (59 Wh battery)*


Dual-band WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n 2×2
Bluetooth 3.0™


1 TB of Google Drive Cloud Storage for 3 years*

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