I was very pleased to see an update today for the mControl iOS app. Seems they have fixed some things and now I am able to control Z-wave Door Sensors, Motion Sensors and a IP Camera Motion Sensor (Foscam), these are all devices in VeraLite as I am using the mControl Vera Luup Driver.

What’s New in Version 1.1

Added new devices to the app
-Added Generic device support
-Added simplified chines language
-Fix Camera streaming
-Added ZigBee ON/OFF/Dimmer device support
-Added ZigBee meter Device support
-Fix thermostat bug
-Fix reconnect issues

Goto Bed, Arm House, Disarm House are all scenes within VeraLite not macros in mControl. Not sure why it says 0 next to them?


However I can now run these Vera scenes from the mControl iOS app.

Before this update it was not possible to run Vera scenes via the mControl iOS app, there was previously no Run button, it would just say Label and you couldn’t select anything.


Goto Bed VeraLite scene in the mControl iOS app.


Porch (Room) – The Porch Sensor is an Everspring motion sensor, you can see the mControl iOS app is correctly displaying the status of this sensor.


I can now Arm or Disarm (Bypass) this motion sensor using the mControl iOS app. Previously before this new update, all security sensors would just say Label next to them and you couldn’t control them.


Back Garden (Room) – The camera sensor you can see is the on-board motion sensor on my outdoor Foscam IP Camera, which I integrated in to VeraLite using the miOS Foscam add-in. This enables you to use the Foscam’s motion sensor as a regular motion sensor device in Vera, which you can trigger scenes off.


I can now Arm or Disarm the Foscam motion sensor in the updated mControl iOS app.


Kitchen (Room) – Patio Door sensor is an Everspring Door / Window sensor device again this device is setup in VeraLite.


mControl iOS app can now control this door sensor and Arm / Disarm it.


Living Room – Nothing new here, the three devices are all Z-wave devices setup in VeraLite, which mControl can see and control via the Vera Luup Driver. The Macros are actually macros setup in mControl and not Vera Scenes in this case.


Looks like the mControl mobile webpage needs updating as well, still missing buttons for some Vera devices.


Always nice to see updates from mControl, I just wish they were a bit quicker.

If mControl do one thing, they ought to create an XBMC add-in like their excellent Windows Media Center add-in, that would be at the top of my mControl feature wish list.

For more information about mControl and their products visit their website here.

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