Samsung have announced a new soundbar audio system complete with Bluetooth and with a vacuum tube. The HW-750 also has a gyroscope sensor to it can work out the optimal sound quality for its possition, rotation and slope. With it being wireless you should be able to position it wherever is convenient to you and it should adjust the sound settings appropriately. The Vacuum tube means it should have a nice warm sound to the device.

There are also 7.1 surround options. I will be taking a look at CES this week.

Press Release:

Samsung’s Vacuum Tub Soundbar (HW-F750) resolves consumers’ desire for pure power and warm, natural sound by integrating a vacuum tube amplifier into a soundbar for the first time.

Additionally, the HW-750 offers the ultimate in convenience with its SoundShare function, which enables users to wirelessly connect the soundbar to a TV via Bluetooth. Meanwhile, the product’s gyroscope sensor gauges height, rotation and slope to optimize sound quality, whether the soundbar is placed in a horizontal or vertical position. Combined, these features virtually eliminate restrictions on where consumers can place the HW-750 in their homes.

Adding to the product’s ease of use, users can activate the new AirtrackON function, which automatically powers on the soundbar when the TV is turned on, and allows users to control the HW-F750 with a TV remote control. The HW-F750 sports a slim design and separate, wireless subwoofer, making it an ideal companion for the premium design of any Samsung Smart TV. With its stylish, metal design, the product combines the best that vintage and modern technologies have to offer.

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