Sometimes I think that Headphones are more about style than about sound quality but one set I have recently reviewed the manufactures claim is both. The Ferrari by Logic3 T250 headphones are well made and have a nice quality feel to them. The cover is leather and have very soft ear pads which make the headphones very comfortable to use and they shut out outside sounds very well, they don’t feel heavy either. I used them for a recent recording of our Podcast and after an hour of recording they still felt very comfortable.

I have to say they do look pretty good, the Ferrari connection is fairly subtle compared to some of their other models (they have bright red F1 Team editions). The headphones come in a nice case with an adaptor so you can have a three button connector for Apple devices or a 1 button connector for other devices. Also included in the box is a 6.5mm adaptor and Airplane adaptor so it gives you plenty of connection options.

The most important feature for me is the sound quality and this is where the T250s excel. They have a very rounded sound with solid bass, at first I thought the sound was about average but when I did side by side comparisons with my Sennheiser headphones I use for recording I could immediately tell how much of a better sound the T250 produces, it’s hard to describe but it’s a closer, more direct and rich sound. I tried them with a range of music and was really pleased with the result.

As a big Motor Sport fan but not a fan of the Ferrari F1 team I thought I was ready to hate the headphones (where are the Mclaren options!) but the design is subtle enough and the quality good enough to make these great headphones. They cost around £225 online which seems to be the going rate for these kind of headphones and if you like your Supercar branding would be great headphones.

An interesting side note is that the output from the HTC 8X which has Beats Audio sounded much better than the Nexus 4.

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