I am a big fan of DVBLogic’s DVBLink suite of products, it’s a great way of turning a Media Center system into a network TV server. Over the last few years they have added a lot of new features, new client apps and the scope of product is continuing to expand.

As DVBLink is such a powerful product it can be complex to get started so Pavlo Barvinko the Founder & CTO of DVBLogic has offered to take questions from TDL readers about DVBLink products. So if you’re thinking of using DVBLink products and have question about it or you already use the product but are stuck with something then send in your questions and I will put them to Pavlo as part of the Q&A.

The questions can be simple or in-depth. It could be about features, which product to choose or technical issues whatever you want. This is your opportunity to questions to the man behind the product.

So leave your question as a comment on this post or email DVBLink [at] TheDigitallifestyle dot com and I will collate them together and in a couple of weeks I will have the interview up on TDL, I may try and tease some future product plans out of him.


7 thoughts on “Send in your questions for a DVBLink Q&A”
  1. Is there any news on when the feature that will automatically update transponders and channel line will be available, in the UK the channels move around a lot so keeping DVBlink up to date can become very time consuming?

  2. For how Long will the MCE be supported? Now that it’s gotten clearer that MCE in Windows 8 might be the last MCE from MS, it seems to be logically to (some day) Abandon the MCE. Are there any plans yet?

    Also i would like to know if there are any plans for integrating “multiple channels simultaneous with one Tuner”. I have no idea how this function is actually called.

    How many tuner does DVBLink Support with ist dvblink Recorder? Is there a Limit, or is this Limit strictly to the MCE?

    Will there someday be a compability list for Tuners?

  3. I am using DVBLink for HD PVR (version 2) on my Windows Media Centre. Its the only way in Canada I know of to get HD from set top boxes into Media Center and it works great! However, I would like to stream Live TV to my Surface. I know they have discontinued product development but can I use the DVBLink Connect! Server product with this as my source to stream Live TV? If not, if I were to switch to the native Hauppauge Media center support for the HD PVR would that work, or some combination of DVBLink products? Thanks.

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