Great news for Android users, XBMC have announced XBMC for Android. There have been remotes available for a while and there have been hacks to get it working on rooted Android phones but this is a full official realise with all the features you expect on the full version.

I am a big fan of XBMC and having it on Android as well is fantastic. I can see it being great on Android tablets and even better on Android powered set top boxes. The source code is available but it’s not in Google Play yet as there is still a lot more testing to be done.

Checkout the video of XBMC on Android in action:

We have been keeping a little secret.. the kind that is so much fun to share when the time comes.

Today we announce XBMC for Android. Not a remote, not a thin client; the real deal. No root or jailbreak required. XBMC can be launched as an application on your set-top-box, tablet, phone, or wherever else Android may be found.

The feature-set on Android is the same that you have come to expect from XBMC, no different from its cousin on the desktop. Running your favorite media-center software on small, cheap, embedded hardware is about to become a hassle-free reality. And as Android-based set-top-boxes are becoming more and more ubiquitous, it couldn’t be a better time. In fact, primary development was done on a Pivos XIOS DS set-top-box. And that is no coincidence, you will notice that Pivos is now listed as an official sponsor (more on that later). XBMC is stable and works great there, as well as on various tablets and phones. Though with Android, as many of you probably know, that is only the beginning of the story.

Enjoy the stereotypical dev-shot low-quality demo video. More video, including phone/tablet usage in the next post.

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One thought on “XBMC comes to Android”
  1. hmmm, my jury is still out on xbmc, particularly on mobile devices. until its possible to stream content from your home media collection putting xbmc on a mobile device seems like a waste of time as all you can play is local content. or at least thats as far as my investigations got me when looking at xbmc for iOS.

    i’m still interested in having xbmc on a thin client such as the raspberry pi or as you say a android based box (won’t save the revue though!) but as far as i can see the hardware isn’t there yet, or you haven’t been reporting on it at least!

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