The rest of my order arrived yesterday from China, no import tax or duties either as the seller I used ships from Hong Kong via Sweden to the UK.

I was keen to get started and install some of the LED lights in the house.


This is the LED Controller that comes with the RF touch colour wheel remote control.


RF touch colour wheel remote control, takes 3x AAA batteries, the reason I picked this particular RF remote over the other variation that is available on eBay is that this one has more lighting modes, 15 in total.


After testing the LED reels I was not happy with the 3528 indoor one it only seems to do Red,Green,Blue and not multi-colours or white, perhaps I didn’t read the specs. I did plan to use this 3528 reel in the kitchen and behind the TV in the living room, however decided not to use it and instead use one of the 5050 outdoor reels instead. Will probably resell the 3528 reel and buy another 5050 one.


Below is a picture of the four pin connector / cable that came with the LED Controller, this connects to the LED reel. Four cables, Blue,Green,Red and White which is V+

For the actual 12V power supply input I think you can wire in to the INPUT + and – sockets on the green connector block, however you can see top right I purchased a DC power jack connector instead.


COM / V+ on the LED driver power supply two cables.

The colours should have probably been COM = Black V+ = Red however I just used a bit of blue and brown cable from the inside of a 3 core electrical cable.


Which connect to the DC power jack connector which then plugs in to the LED controller unit.


Using a multi-meter to double check I am getting 12 Volts DC from the DC power jack connector.


First switch on!


Installing the 5050 reel under the kitchen kick boards


60 LEDs per metre


Here you can see under the kitchen cupboard which will be hidden by the kick board. I had to install a new double electric socket, this powers the LED Driver power supply unit, which I sat on a box in case my washing machine leaks which you can see is right next to it. The LED Controller unit can be seen fixed to the underneath of the cupboard. I will probably tidy this up and mount everything up out of the way.


To get round the right angle of the cupboards, I thought I would have to cut the LED strip and join with cables however the strip was flexible enough just to kink it and get round the right angle.


The finished installation



Youtube video of my new Kitchen LED lights!

Stuart’s Kitchen

I mounted the RF remote control on the kitchen wall next to the under floor heating controller, using velcro. You can actually buy proper wall mounted colour wheel controllers that fit in to a backbox, but that’s more money and more wiring.

That’s it for part 3 in part 4 I will look at creating a custom LED strip loom for behind the wall mounted HDTV in the living room. Get your soldering iron at the ready!

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