Ceton seem to be one of the few companies pushing the development of Windows Media Center and today they announced the “Echo” Windows Media Center extender is going to be on sales for $179.00 in time for the holiday season and are planning to roll out to international markets over time. The “Echo” extender is going out to 1000 beta testers later this year (the beta was massively over subscribed) and it’s going to be great to see the first new Windows Media Center extender in many years.

Also today Ceton announced that the Ceton companion apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone will be available late August.

It’s very encouraging that Ceton have seen a massive amount of interest for the Extender, “Q” Media Center system and companion apps, at CES I had a great demo (which see below ) and can’t wait to get my hands on a unit.

Details of the “Echo”

The Ceton “Echo” is a next-generation Media Center Extender and the first to support Internet video services and Internet browsing, along with live and recorded high-definition TV services and access to your personal digital media libraries. Ceton “Echo” allows you to stream media from a Ceton “Q” entertainment gateway or a Windows® 7-based PC to both high-definition and standard-definition TV sets over your home network


Video from CES 2012:




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