Earlier this week I downloaded the release candidate of Raspmbc and while I got further with it than previous builds I still found it crashed a lot. It looks like it wasn’t just me as Release Candidate 2 fixes the keyboard issues, bugs and has a couple of new features. I am looking forward to giving this build a try. Get the download from

So the RC was initially a complete failure. Keyboard issues, freezing, someone even struggled to get Big Buck Bunny to play, oh the horror. Well it had to be done to advance. The problems emerged because we don’t start XBMC from rc.local anymore, but rather we introduced an upstart initialisation method. The issues are fixed and I’m ready to surge forward in testing. The keyboard issue was caused by the tty devices having the wrong permissions and then s7mx1 discovered the issue again and fixed it (he’s made some big contributions to the project). I’d also like to thank forum users for cooperating by providing logs, feedback and other diagnostic output.

As for the XBMC issues, they were caused, well, by, XBMC. Turns out the new build I compiled which uses AudioEngine is just a tad unstable! Nonetheless, by reverting to the 30/05 build I compiled, everything works again, however, the following features I promised in the RC are taken away, as they were introduced by the new XBMC build:

  • Fix for bluish tint to fanart
  • AudioEngine
  • Menu sounds

Fear not! These features and bug fixes will be back, but only when XBMC is more mature for the Pi. But let’s not be dwell on the negatives, RC2 is not just a bugfix, but also introduces:

  • More refined update system, cheers Snakkles.
  • Completely blank screen now before initialisation
  • File system tweaks
  • Low CPU when idling
  • Less heat output.
  • XBMC configuration tweaks
2 thoughts on “Raspmbc Release Candidate 2”
  1. hurrah! parcelforce report my slice of Pi is due to arrive today so i know what i’ll be doing tonight!

  2. got RC2 installed first time yesterday and managed to add a source, when i get home tonight i shall do some testing but everythings coming up Millhouse!

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