A couple of weeks ago I purchased an Acrylic case for the Raspberry Pi which comes as a kit from the Shropshire Linux User Group. I really like the design and according to John Alexander the designer they are selling incredibly well.

Thanks to John we have five cases to giveaway to Raspberry Pi owners (or prospective owners). We thought we would ask for Raspberry Pi tips and tricks and then we will pick five of the best tips and give the cases away to the authors. The tip could be anything you think that other Raspberry Pi owners would find handy, it could be a Python script, XBMC guide or a tip for getting a service.

Just go to our forums and leave your tip and we will give it a couple of weeks and pick the winners. So get your entry in by June 21st and we will announce the winners shortly after that.

You can ready my review here and the cases are available on ebay for Β£9.99 plus postage.


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