I still haven’t been able to get Raspbmc working on my Raspberry Pi yet so it could be third time lucky for me.  The release candidate for Raspbmc has been launched and this build has some nice new features like overclocking, Airplay fixes and a fix for the SD cards.  You can get the download and all the details from

I am going to give it a try and see how it stacks up against OpenELEC


This version addresses the following:

CPU usage is much lower when idling
fixes some stability issues with a new kernel
SD card timeout issues are gone for good!
reduces the swap partition to a reasonable 128M
fixes an AirPlay bug (though AirTunes issues remain just for now)
remote support via LIRC is now working
the root filesystem is made a lot smaller.
CPU overclocking tweak
XBMC now runs as the user pi
XBMC restarts if it crashes
Kernel headers now available for building kernel modules for wireless support etc.
SD cards can be swapped between Pis now without udev issues.
You are asked to set timezone and keyboard layout on the first login via SSH
Fixed bluish tint to fanart
AudioEngine builds are here
Menu sounds are here
This is what will be coming soon:

stability improvements
An add-on to configure Raspbmc from within XBMC

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