Boxee announce Cloudee, share personal videos with family and friends

Interesting announcement from the Boxee guys, they are launched a cloud sharing service. Cloudee is currently in closed beta is designed to make it easy to share personal videos with your friends and family onto the TV. 

To sign up for the beta go to, whether we need more social sharing services remains to be seen. 

We believe the cloud is going to play a major role in the future of TV and today we are taking the first step towards a Boxee cloud offering. So say hello to Cloudee. We are starting with an invite-only, beta iPhone app for Cloudee that lets you share personal videos with family and close friends

For a while now, it’s been painful to get our personal videos to the TV screen – our Road Trips, Boxee Meetups, family videos with our kids, concerts and the occasional weirdness on NYC streets. Some of these videos were on our phones, others on our laptop or network storage, and the ones we really wanted to see were always taken by our friends. Yes, we could copy videos into a thumb drive, upload to YouTube and set it to private, setup a cloud storage account and give permissions to friends … but it was all too much work, so videos just sat there… never being watched, never being shared.


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