Last week I tried to get Raspbmc installed on my Raspberry Pi but I couldn’t get the image to boot up and it looks like that I was not the only one. Today there is a new build of the Raspbmc that could fix the SD card issues. I will be giving this a try over the next couple of days.

Via Raspbmc blog:


So the beta has launched, and for some it’s going great, others can’t get it installed. The reason for this being that Raspbmc has two separate booting components, the installer, which was created a long time ago and uses old firmware, and the release itself, which had newer, more modern firmware.

A simple upgrade of firmware would resolve this issue, however I have also resolved issues involving the creation of RAMDISTRIBUTION so that it can be done more frequently, as increasing SD card support becomes available from the Pi foundation. The installer now uses official and unmodified firmware from the foundation, because no special enhancements are needed for installation, and it becomes a lot easier to maintain synchronicity with their firmware releases if we can simply pull them down in binary form.

I’ve also updated the kernel on Raspbmc, partly to fix the timeout issues in the release itself, and partly to advance the release. Made available are the kernel headers, so you can now build modules, a preempt kernel, for what I hope delivers better performance, some IR configuration changes that will hopefully make remotes configurable. If you can, please try and get your remote going.

You can now grab the new beta image here, and that should work a lot better. Bare in mind that the current issues reported by users still exist, this update is just for the installer, rather than anything else.

One thought on “New build of Raspbmc resolves SD card issues”
  1. I really am excited about what XMBC does and how well it performs on a Raspberry PI but until I can get Netflix to stream on a linux distro I just don’t see myself jumping off the Windows based media center. I want to though. Windows 7 and Windows Media Center are nice but they are resource hogs.


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