If you can still get analogue TV signals you may want to give DVBLogic’s latest product a try. DVBLink AnalogTV! is a server for analogue TV signals including FM radio channels and brings them to Windows Media Center. You get full EPG supports via Media Center, xmtv of other supports EPG sources and supports SECAM, PAL and NTSC. It maybe worth digging out your analogue tuners even if it;s just for FM radio in Media Center.

Details from DVBLink:


Introducing the latest addition to the DVBLink product line – DVBLink AnalogTV!

Give your old analog TV tuners a new life with the DVBLink AnalogTV! Using it in combination with DVBLink Connect! Server enables distribution of analog TV channels and recorded TV around the house and on the go using all existing clients – DLNA clients, Windows MediaCenter, web browser, mobile clients and Boxee.

DVBLink AnalogTV product features:
– Seamless integration of analog TV channels into Windows MediaCenter
– Seamless integration of FM radio channels into Windows MediaCenter
– Automatic color system detection with per-channel overwrite possibility
– State-of-the-art software mpeg-2 audio/video encoder optimized for producing excellent picture quality with moderate CPU requirement
– Per-channel selection of EPG information source: Windows MediaCenter EPG, xmltv or other supported DVBLink EPG sources
– Support for multiple analog TV tuners from different brands
– Supports PAL, SECAM and NTSC color systems (depending on the tuner capabilities)

DVBLnk AnalogTV v4.5 is not compatible with DVBLink product 4.0, 4.1, 3.x and 2.x versions. It can be used standalone or installed next to DVBLink 4.5 beta products, described in this topic:
If you would like to use DVBLink AnalogTV in combination with DVBLink Connect! Server, the connect server should be v4.5 and also taken from the topic above!

Installation instructions:
– unzip the contents of a zip file to some sirectory on your hard disk
– install DVBLink Server first (if it is not installed yet) by running dvblink_server.msi. 
– install DVBLnk AnalogTV by running dvblink_analogtv.msi
– Open http://localhost:39876 and activate product trial (click on the red line and then press Activate button).
– Once activated, go to the Sources tab of DVBLink configuration web page, add a source, select active tuner device, scan TV/Radio channels and … enjoy!

At the moment there are no Wiki pages available for DVBLink AnalogTV product yet. We hope that software configuration is largely self explanatory, but if you in doubt – just ask us!

The beta 1 of DVBLink AnalogTV product can be downloaded here: …

Let us know what you think!

DVBLogic team
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  1. A truly awful company. I bought their DVBLink TV Source software which they then refused to activate. I am resorting to a Paypal dispute to get my money back. So if you don’t want a world of grief go somewhere else.

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