When I got my first iPhone I spent a lot of time sorting out my iTunes library so when I switched to Android I found copying the music collection over via the folder system a bit of a pain. I sure that I am not the only one is this situation and this is where a new app for Android called Airbind comes in. Airbind is an app you install on your Android device and a server you install on your PC and then it syncs your iTunes collection including music, phones and videos to your Android device over wifi, no need to connect your phone to your PC with USB.

It’s really simple to install, the server is Java based and runs in the background. The simplicity is great but its also a problem, when it comes syncing the the only options you get are whether to sync music, videos or pictures. You can’t specify which albums or artists to copy, I have more music in iTunes than I have space on the phone so I could start the syncing but I know it would fill it up. Pictures and videos were ok, wifi syncing is a lot slower than via USB but that is to be expected.

The Android and PC/Mac apps are free so if you have Android and iTunes it’s worth giving a try but if you need more granular control then this may not be the app for you.

You can get the app and the server from

Airbind is a free app that allows you to sync your iTunes library to your Android device over wi-fi. Download and install the PC or Mac client from, then launch Airbind on your Android device. Airbind will discover your iTunes library, and with one click it will start to sync.

Storing all of your DRM free media on your SD card, Airbind allows you to take your media with you. It will even auto-sync with your iTunes whenever your PC/Mac and android device are on the same network.

Using Airbind is simple, there are just 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Download and install Airbind for your Mac or PC from

Step 2: Install Airbind on your android device from the Android Marketplace

Step 3: Connect your Mac or PC and phone to your wi-fi network, launch the application, choose what you want to sync and click ‘SYNC’

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