We are just under a week away from Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the biggest trade show in the US. I have been going to CES since 2006 and once again TDL will be there reporting on the news and seeking out interesting gadgets and services.

This year will be Microsoft’s last CES keynote and the last time they will have a booth there so its going to be interesting to see what they will show off.  We know a beta of Windows 8 is coming in February so Microsoft may show off the latest build of the OS. I am sure they will talk about Windows Phone and the Xbox 360 but I am not expecting the keynote to talk about the next versions of either product. There is the possibility of Microsoft announcing Skype for Windows Phone something the platform really needs but again I not expecting it.

Away from Microsoft I am expecting to see lots of iPad accessories judging from the emails I have been sent plus I am sure there will be lots of Android tablets, some of higher quality than others. In the last few years we have seen lots of tablets that never actually got released and I expect to see the same thing this year. However I do expect to see lots of Android tablets that will get released with the likes of Samsung and Motorola showing off Ice Cream Sandwich versions of their tablets.

We know there are going to be lots Ultrabooks on show with up to 50 being unveiled next week. PC manufactures look to produce Macbook Air type devices and move away from the cheap Netbooks so its going to be interesting to see how they perform and I expect Ultrabooks to be one of the main focus of the PC industry in 2012.

One thing we see every year is TVs everywhere the last few years the manufactures have been pushing 3D, I expect that to continue but with the main lust being reserved for OLED TVs which are making their way from Smartphones to the living room, they look beautiful and expect to see plenty of prototypes on show.  There will also be 4K TVs with LG set to unveil a 84 inch TV with 3480×2160 resolution.  I also expect to see lots of smart TVs with internet features, Google TV will be on show and other OEMS showing off their own systems.

So there will be lots to see but not to much from Microsoft this year. I will recording plenty of video and plenty of audio for the podcast and hopfully bumping into a few old friends, if your heading over to CES let me know.

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