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To go with the update for My Movies for Windows Media Center there is an update for the Windows Home Server 2011 edition, again the changes are minor but worth upgrading if you have PR4 install.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.10 Pre Release 5

Added: Title Collection

Fix: Report unidentified disc had incorrect label.
Fix: AnyDVD controls was not hidden by default on installer installations as it should have been.
Fix: Filenaming on conversion of TV Series disc without mapping is now with the disc title first and the title index at the end.
Fix: minor GUI error when scrollbar is not visible on Disc Copier.
Fix: A lot of small fixes for converter, when adding all disc titles.
Fix: Conversion and automatic backup will now not run simultaneously anymore.
Fix: Add to converter queue now adds the whole title (all discs and sides).

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