A Windows Media Center addon for Remote Potato has been released that enables a remote PCs EPG in Windows Media Center. So you could have one central machine recording TV and be able to browse and schedule recordings from other PCs around your home.  The addin builds on the great Remote Potato system (which you can download here) and brings us closed to a PC Media Center Extender.

Currently the following things are supported:
-View guide from remote pc (all channels or favorites)
-View recordings from remote pc
-Schedule recordings or series (either by clicking record on the slide deck or clicking record on the grid item)
-Slide deck showing the details of each item in the guide
-Skip forward and backwards by 12 hours using the skip key
-Number entry
-Launch live tv for a current item if the pc is setup for that channel
Things to come:
-Channel focus showing next few programs in lower banner
-Series settings (within the next week, just doing final testing)
-Manage favorites
-Manage series
-View all recordings
-Additional guide page settings (number or grid rows/columns, colored tiles)
-Other recordings slide deck page
Possible things to come:
-Option to override guide button
Known bugs:
-Full screen monitors not really supported yet
Download link:

via TGB.tv

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