Boxee have released a MOG app for Boxee, MOG is a music streaming service that enables HD streaming of over 11 million songs  and the Boxee addin enables you to build playlists and radio stations based on your artists.

There is a free 14 day trial available from, unfortunately this is US only as I found are lots of Boxee’s services (checkout my video )

Today MOG lands in the Boxee App Library with instant streaming of over 11 million songs, all in better than HD audio (320 kbps).  MOG’s music library blasts and serenades in the highest quality audio available for streaming pretty much anywhere.  The massive song library will make sure you’re never searching for more than a few seconds for what you want, whether it’s top pop music hits or traditional Indian classics.

One thought on “Stream music in top quality HD with MOG on Boxee”
  1. I’m sure Spotify (Premium) will eventually create an app for other devices than just handheld ones, presumably around the time Virgin Media TiVo boxes get it.

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