This is fantastic, Sainsburys are going to trial shopping trolleys with built in iPad docks. The docks will have speakers and a tilting iPad holder and front bumper alarms in case you get to close to the shopper in from of you while you are engrossed in your TV show ! The trolleys are being developed with Sky who are promoting their Sky Go service for the iPad, so sports fans can watch Sky sports while doing their weekly shop.  This would be ideal for me next year when Sky start broadcasting the Formula One

The iPad isn’t included


8 thoughts on “Sainsburys introducing iPad shopping trolleys”
  1. Wait… what? they aren’t to aid in your shopping experience, they are to give you TV while you wander around?!

    Thats JUST what is needed to make my shopping experience that little bit worse yet again. People wandering around with even less attention on what they are doing and dawdling infront of the checkouts waiting for the conclusion of their favourite show!

    By all means as an amusement for petulant children if you must but to have speakers and encourage this is just antisocial!

    (rant over, sorry, I must be getting old)

  2. Since my local Sainsburys has problems keep the wheels of its trolley’s operational, I’ll be interested to see how well those docks survive. Perhaps one’s iPad will develop a virtual squeak and have a habit of pulling to one side unexpectedly. There’s an app for that…

  3. /rant

    Avoiding the “should they/shouln’t they” debate this is just another reason for me to hate Apple a little more than I already do. Somebody needs to step in and prevent them from using proprietary connections (that Apple can and do change with every new device). This should be using a universal connection so that it is compatible with any device that the customer happens to own.

    /end rant

  4. Seems like a waste of tech to me. I guess you could have your shopping list on display, rather than $ky TV (and hope that nobody steals your tablet while you nip into a packed aisle for something, leaving the trolley behind!)

    Now if they had an in-store navigation app that could take me straight to the beer aisle then that might be a different matter……

    I guess an app that tells you where special offers are could be handy maybe?

    Of course I don’t actually use any Apple products myself. I’m with Jason on the interface point too.

  5. Doesn’t seem that bad if the speaker is limited so it doesn’t bother others, but I would have to see some security mechanism put in before I’d use it, that looks like it would be way too easy to be stolen.

  6. Don’t Sainsburys do home deliveries, so you can watch whatever on your big TV, avoid the crowds and avoid having your expensive tech stolen, and have some slave deliver your shopping to your door, at a time to suit?

    Personally I use Tesco’s home delivery service, saves me a fortune in time and money – as we don’t actually need to leave home, so the wife doesn’t wander round putting in items while I’m not looking, and then there’s the cost of petrol…

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