Interesting development potentially coming to the Apple TV, you could soon be able to use a Bluetooth keyboard with the latest Apple TV. Bluetooth  support has been discovered in the Apple TV and iOS 5 will have Bluetooth support so the Apple TV could really be a genuine useful multi-purpose device connected up to your TV (not as flexible as PC but a lot cheaper).  With the rumour that the app store is coming to the Apple TV and maybe a new device that supports 1080p playback Apple could be positioning the device as  an all-in-one entertainment device for the living room.

The video bellow shows a Bluetooth keyboard attached to a jailbroken Apple TV

via 9to5Mac

One thought on “Apple TV to support Bluetooth keyboards in iOS 5?”
  1. Hail to the church of Jobs ! Commonsense idea finally makes its way to largely useless hockey puck 🙂

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