The Digital Lifestyle Show #307–Bad Prawns


Just Andrew and I this week as Garry was feeling a bit unwell but we have a great show for you. It’s been a busy week with Windows 8 previews, E3 announcements and of course Apple’s WWDC conference. So we talk Windows 8,  Xbox 360, watching Media Center TV on an iPad, iCloud, iOS and Windows Home Server news.

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2 thoughts on “The Digital Lifestyle Show #307–Bad Prawns

  1. I’ve been testing Plex on my WHS v1 box. Like some other programs, the server part needs to run during startup which in the case of WHS v1 that means you have to be logged in through a RDC. If you close the RDC, it stops. I have tried running it as a service using AnyServceInstaller.exe & Resource Kit appling that to the Plexserver.exe & also python.exe without any luck. Any ideas ?

    I also noticed that Plex adds the metadata to an account on the C drive which will grow & grow. Is there a way to redirect that to the shared folder where the content is ? like like metabrowser does ?

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