I am a big fan of the HDHomeRun, its an easy way to have Media Center use a tuner without having to have it physically connected to the PC. For US users the big news is that the HDHomeRun Prime I saw at CES in 2010 is ready for pre-ordering. Engadget HD are reporting that the tuner has passed CableLabs certification and is available to pre-order on Amazon.

As well as supporting Windows Media Center it also will support other DVR packages like Myth TV. The tuner costs $207


  • Three Tuners: Anywhere on Your Network QAM64/256
  • TV sources: Unencrypted digital cable TV, Premium digital cable TV
  • Works with popular DVR software
  • Works with existing HDHomeRun Units, HDHomeRun PRIME can be added to your existing, HDHomeRun device set up to allow for additional tuners on your home network, Allows multiple signal input sources on the same network
  • Compatible With: Windows Media Center (for use with encrypted or copy controlled content), Other Popular DVR Programs (for use with copy freely content)

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