On The Digital Lifestyle Show we have talked about how iPads are replacing expensive home automation control systems, in fact Bjorn Morris from Cybersmart systems talked about it last year. So I was interested to see that the iPad is becoming more popular in the custom installer market, the Devner Post have a story of a high end custom install being controlled by two iPads running lighting control, motorised shades, music and TV, baby monitors security cameras.

The control system costs $5000 and the AV and other equipment takes the cost to around $60,000 for the $718,000 home.

The iPads, featuring 10-inch screens, are designed to remain docked in the wall but can be removed.

The dual iPad control system costs roughly $5,000, said Travis Deatherage, a partner with Denver-based Solstice Multimedia, the company that built the system. Audio, video, security and other equipment takes the overall cost to about $60,000.

“The iPad has brought the entry-level price point down significantly, because an 8-inch in-wall touch screen before cost upwards of $3,000 or more,” Deatherage said. “Now we can get a $500 iPad and still provide most of the functionality that an in-wall touch panel can give.”

The brain of the system is built into the home’s mechanical room and communicates with the iPads via Wi-Fi.

The system can be controlled by a third, mobile iPad or via an iPhone or iPod Touch using an application designed for the devices’ smaller screens.

“It can run everything in your house, including your thermostat and your swimming pool,” said Dan Verdoorn, co-owner of Celebrity Custom Homes, the home’s builder. “It’s a totally integrated and flexible system.”

The commoditization of customer integrator tech will be an interesting trend to watch as I am sure this is not the only install of iPads in to custom installations.




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