AppleRevealYou might not have had a chance to listen to TDL Mobile Show 71 yet but if you have then you’ll have heard Jon and Jason discuss a last minute news item and now The Digital Lifestyle can exclusively reveal that following rumours that there might not be an iPhone 5 announcement at WWDC2011 (No iPhone 5 at WWDC this year? That’s how it looks from here) and indicatations Windows Phone 7 may reach third place market share of 17% by 2016 that Apple are in fact dropping iOS on the iPhone 5 and will adopt Windows Phone 7.

Having completely changed the smartphone market when they launched the iPhone back in June 2007 they aren’t going to stand back and let competition from the likes of Android and Windows Phone make them irrelevant.  It certainly seems that with Android activating approximately 300,000 a day that Apple are already losing dominance in this market.  Though there are many that will be totally surprised by this move it does makes complete sense.  Apple haven’t innovated with iOS, the operating system driving the iPhone device, and there is no doubt that Microsoft have done just that with Windows Phone 7.  Just recently Microsoft have been hurt by mobile carriers delaying the roll out of the first update, codename “NoDo”, and this has led to huge criticism from it’s early adopters (Microsoft Must Do Better With Windows Phone Updates).

Now that Microsoft has a currently dominent player like Apple adopting Windows Phone 7 it will be able to use that momentum to push through updates exactly like the current iOS updates that completely bypass the carriers.  Apple obviously gains a brand new platform that can quickly replace it’s aging iOS.  This whole deal is tied in with the partnership that Microsoft announced with Nokia and it can now be revealed that Nokia will begin designing and manufacturing the hardware for the iPhone which is why they have had to delay the iPhone 5 announcement.  As has been reported recently Nokia need to act fast to turn around their decline and now with the partnership of iPhone and Windows Phone 7 all three companies will be a real threat to Android.

The Digital Lifestyle can also reveal that this is the reason behind the rumours that Microsoft is killing off the Zune brand as they will be using iTunes going forward which makes perfect sense given the market share although the iTunes software will be discontinued so that the music and application stores can be migrated to use Zune services and the Zune software albeit with the iTunes name.  There will also be a music streaming service built into Windows Live Skydrive following the announcement by Amazon of the Cloud Drive service.

As you can see although many will be shocked and surprised at this announcement it all makes perfect sense when you put the pieces together.  Microsoft can finally manage to put the whole update fiasco behind them, Apple get a highly regarded replacement to the often criticised iTunes and an innovative new OS, and Nokia can look forward to becoming a dominant player in the smartphone market.  We’ll be discussing this in much more detail on TDL Mobile Show 72 so remember to listen next week to hear more on this exclusive news.










Due to substantial demand we would like to add that this is a joke in the spirit of April Fools, please direct any comments to @TDLMobile rather than Ian as he had nothing to do with this 🙂

“Explanation is the death of comedy”

Happy Friday everyone!

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