I know you can pick any set you like be they over ear or in ear. But here is my little bug! Those cables they keep getting longer and longer.

Why do I need a 1.3metre cable? Has anyone looked at the height of the average women lately? For developed countries it is around 1.6m. So can anyone tell me why I need a cable that will reach my knees? 

Is there a stunning new fashion coming out of knee straps so I have to bend them to change the track and be really quick if I’m cycling in the gym?

Funny that I didn’t think so either and fortunately someone out there has realised how hopeless it is winding up cables with cable ties, knots etc!! Yes I can see you audiophiles groaning in horror at what I do to the sound let alone the cable.

Innovelis have a great little product called “cordfits”. You simply fit this just the once to your headphone and then you get the cable tripled up in the middle when you pull to shorten this to your perfect length or should I say actual height.

You simply follow the diagram to wind your cable around a series of little wheels and then put the cover on. If you want to shorten just pull the two cable winders apart. If you want to lengthen just pull the single cable either side of the cable pulls. Take a look at the website for the demos www.cordfits.com.  My only little request would be some thought about colour…all black for black cables and all white for white? Mine are mixed colour.  Cable winding …does it stop them getting tangled…not if like me you have, those headphone that have the right ear longer than the left to let it go round the back of your neck!

They also have a product to clip your earphones on…handy when they keep falling out as you did something crazy like run and expect them to stay in place. “Budfits”…they refer to them as being good for iphone, ipod headphones but the reality is they fitted all the sets of headphones I tried and kept them in place( www.budfits.com ).

Then if you have an ipod nano 6 series they have a handy winder for the back-“cordshrink” is new for 2011. The release date is yet to be announced but you might just find it handy. We have not tested that one yet so I can’t comment on how well it works.

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