Last year I wrote about inControl which is a solution for controlling Windows Media Center using and iPhone/iPod Touch. Since then the developer has added a lot of features and he has released version 2.1:

inControl now additionally include functionality:


  • Schedule recording of programs/series
  • Browse and delete scheduled recordings
  • Browse, delete, and start to view recorded programs
  • Windows 7 users no longer need to configure XmlTV in order to get program information (simpler setup)

This is how the developer introduces the product:

In case you use Windows Media Center as the home-entertainment hub for your TV, then inControl is the remote application for you! It is not an ordinary Media Center remote, but a full featured application which has been designed with the specific purpose of getting you in total control of your TV setup (through a Wi-Fi or 3G connection).  For example, the inbuilt TV guide provides easy access to program information and the possibility to schedule recordings. The application also provides a toolbox which enables you to compile activities for controlling all peripherals connected to you Media Center computer (peripherals MUST support RS-232). You can for example compile an activity that, when executed, starts Media Center, turns on your TV and receiver, and adjusts the volume to a suitable level.
The inControl solution consists of a server application installed on your PC, called inControl Server, and a iPhone/iTouch application, called inControl Client. inControl Server can be retrieved from the install section and inControl Client can be retrieved from App Store.

It looks a great app and if you have an iPhone or iPod and Media Center its well worth looking at

inControl at AppStore:

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  1. I might have to try this one, I’ve been trying to get nControl and VMCMote to work recently but having problems with both of them!

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