As usual DVBLogic are rapidly responding to the feedback on their beta products and have just released Version 3 Beta 2

Full details at

Fixes and changes in this release:

All source products:
– Made DVBLink special streams optional
– Fixed hang-up of DVBLink server when stopping the service
– Added channels numbers to EPG Sources tab of DVBLink Server configuration

Network Pack:
– Implemented radio channels playback
– Implemented playback of DVBLink special streams
– Added new user interface for DVBLink web server
– Implemented 4 quality/bandwidth profiles – mobile, low, medium and high quality
– Fixed a lot of issues with not able to connect/not able to start playback of DVBLink channels via web browser
– Implemented http connection to DVBLink web server (it is used by default now!). It is still possible to use https by selecting appropriate setting in NetPack configuration dialog.
– Fixed pixelation on HD channels, introduced in 3.0 beta1


Great work guys and I am pleased to say that the web server works for me now – so ignore what I say on Ian’s podcast in a couple of week’s time.


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