The guys over at DVBLogic are churning out releases at an astonishing rate and have now reached the Release Candidate stage with Version 3 of DVBLink. I’m also really pleased to announce that I will be doing a demo of how to set up V3 at  the June 12th Media Center and WHS user group event. I am particularly pleased that Mark from DVBLogic will be joining us at the event and will be available at the end of the session to answer questions.

So what have they changed in the release candidate:

All products:
– fixed series importing when using xmltv
– fixed “show other showings” when using xmltv
– implemented duplicates handling mechanism for xmltv files

– Several improvements for web server stability

If you experience server hang-ups or crashes when using DVBLink web server please report it in the thread in DVBLogic’s forums and they will try to investigate each case individually.

For notes installation and configuration notes please refer to beta2 release information:

In addition to that:
– if you have been using previous beta of v3.0 products you need to delete mediacenter database for xmltv fixes to work
– if you have been using previous version of DVBLink products (either beta or release) you need to upgrade all components to release candidate – e.g. dvblink server, source product and network pack

For more information and the downloads go to


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