imageMicrosoft have finally reviled the details of the Project Natel now called Kinect for Xbox 360. Lots has already been written about it and looking at the videos from E3 it looks fantastic. I love the idea of controlling the dashboard with gestures and voice control but I don’t expect the Windows Media Center  Extender session to be Kinect controlled but you never know

The new Xbox 360 slim looks nice with a new sleek form factor, touch sensitive buttons,  250gb drive, wifi and it said to be whisper quiet so it should make a great extender. Engadget have  all the details and the new Xbox will ship in the UK July 16th priced at £199.99 (on Amazon) and Kinect launches November 4th but no price details yet

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  1. Looks great for an extender, but at the end of the day, I don’t want whisper quiet. I want silent. Especially in the bedroom. I hope someone fills the void for silent extenders. I hold hope with the Windows Embedded.

  2. Gesture controlled Media Center Extender session using Kinect would be fantastic. I wouldn’t count it out. But it probably would require some significant changes/enhancements to the Media Center platform.

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