Rich Drasch has released a new app for Windows Media Center called Media Center TV Marathon, the app enables you to play a complete TV series automaticlly, so you could get it to start playing your kids favourite TV series and leave it play each episode

Here are the features from Ricl:

Play multiple series recordings automatically.  When one recording finishes the next starts without user intervention.

  • Time shift the 4th of July marathon and play it when you’re home.

  • Play the kid’s favorite series or movies over and over again.

  • Catch up on a series by watching multiple recordings consecutively.

  • Watch 2-part episodes as a single unit.

  • And more… 

The app costs $1.99 from Rick’s site and you can see more screenshots there



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  1. You can do the same thing for free with MyMediaCenter, which allows you to play all videos from a series back to back, and allows you to manage a playlist too.

  2. This reminds me of the time my wife and I put on the Finding Nemo DVD for our little girl, and went off and got busy. Afterward we went back downstairs to find our little girl still watching the movie calmly. Only problem is that there was a read error with the disc and she had been watching the same 90sec sequence over and over the whole time.

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