I was thinking while awaiting todays Apple event at what spurred companies to all of a sudden jump on the 4-10″ tablet bandwagon.  I can see there is a gap in the market between devices such as a PDA or smartphones and netbooks but tablets have been and gone before with no real impact on the tech world and why do we need them now?

One thought I came across was whether the recent uprising of eReaders such as the Kindle and Nook alongside the demand for smartphones such as the HTC HD2 and Apple iPhone may have inspired companies to once again fill this gap.

But the main question is with the likes of Terry McGraw of McGraw-Hill announcing yesterday that their books will be coming to the fabled Apple tablet does this signal the demise of the eReader already in 2010?

One thought on “Will the revival of the tablet mean the death of the eReader?”
  1. I really doubt it. The main reason eReaders are popular is the ease of reading on E-Ink screens. Reading off an LCD is not quite the same.

    Also with the glut of E-Readers I saw at CES I am expecting some reall price competition this year. An E-Reader sub 50 quid may prove pretty attractive.

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