Fresh after the Apple event, Jon, Sheldon, and I got together to discuss the newly announced and now official iPad. Everyone knows the specs by now so we focus on where this device would fit in and how it can best be used. At the end of the show we also reveal which of the three of us will be getting one. You’ll be surprised at who says yes so download and listen!


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One thought on “TDL Mobile Show No.24 – Apple iPad Special”
  1. The thing that all these slates lack is the ability to do basic inking with a pen.

    I wanted a tablet to take notes in meetings but found then too bulky and awkward.

    To me the killer slate would be like the ipad but the ability to take notes on e paper and then send them to your pc you archive. I have paper in meetings but find a netbook to limited

    I looked at the pastic logic Que looks good, Ipad looks good but end up with no ink. Perhaps the Win 7 slate will hit the spot



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