I know its almost a year since the last get together but the UG is coming back with another meeting later this year. We are working on the agenda and the location so we need your feedback on where, when and what.4TB1N4OWR3J7[1]

Last year was a great event and we really enjoyed it, I think we tried to pack to much in to one night so this time we may focus on a couple of key areas. May questions for you are:

  • Where is the best location for you?
  • Evening or daytime?
  • What topics would you like to see?
  • Who would you like to see talk at the meeting?

So either comment on this post or head over to the User Group forum and leave some feedback. We are also looking for sponsors for the event so if your interested let me know

2 thoughts on “Return of the user group, the UK Media Center group is coming back”
  1. 1) Location – Midlands , South West England
    2) Time – Daytime on a Sunday
    3) Home Automation , DVBLink , Media Management ( muxing , transcoding etc )
    4) Good Question , someone from he TV Team an MS , usual suspects from Digitallifestyle

  2. 1) Reading is the best location for me. Microsoft HQ?
    2) Evenings or weekends
    3) I’d love to see someone from Microsoft talk about their strategy for Media Center


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