A few years ago after suffering the frustration of having to setup my series recordings after a clean build I decided to create a tool that would backup my schedules and enable me to import that back in to Windows Media Center. Version 1 was designed for XP Media Center and I updated v2 for Windows Vista but with TV Pack and Windows 7 Microsoft changed the way the scheduled recordings was stored and this broke my app so it was about time that I updated the app to work with Windows 7.

m4mc_Win7 mcBackup 3.0 is designed for Windows 7 (it should also work with Windows Vista TV Pack) and using a service will backup your series recordings on a schedule and enables easy restoring of this data. The channel lineup is also backed up and can be restored but you have to be careful when restoring this on a configured system as it merges the channel lineup with existing lineup

The app also includes the facility to backup recorded TV to another location like a Windows Home Server or a UNC share, there is also an option to backup an additional folder such as a pictures.

As the backup engine works as a service there is no need to keep the client UI open and it works even without a user logged on. In a future build I am going to include the facility to download your apps from MadeforMediaCenter.com so on a clean build you can have the app setup the channels, series records and download your 3rd party apps making it really easy to setup a new box

You can download the app from MadeforMediaCenter.com and I want to thanks Jason Coombes (@databasejase) for his fantastic testing efforts, without his help I wouldn’t have been able to get this version out

Here are some screenshots




Download from MadeforMediaCenter.com (requires Microsoft .net framework 3.5)

6 thoughts on “Introducing mcBackup 3.0 Beta (at last!)”
  1. What does the “appy” button do?
    I think you need to employ a decent tester there. That databasejase is rubbish! 😉

  2. Could not initially find this page for your new version of the app, as the previous one was called something subtley different, mceBackup, with an e! Adding this comment so others can potentially find it through a search.

  3. Well, I didn’t heed your warning and I have merged the channel lineups resulting in two copies of each lineup. Is there any way of fixing this?

  4. Thank you for making this great software available for everyone. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve read a lot about it and it sounds great.

    I wanted to download the 64-bit version of mcBackup to use on my Win 7 x64 computer.

    I noticed that MadeforMediaCenter.com (and some other places I’ve found) show a 64-bit version, and a 32-bit version of mcBackup (mcebackup.exe) available. But, after downloading them both, I find that the two files are identical… They both appear to be the 32-bit version. Is there a 64-bit version available?

  5. Request to update the images here (I just get tags that go to 404s) and include something somewhere about a how-to use it, at least to get started. I’d expected to find it within WMC before I saw the new Start menu item and figured it out from there.

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