Just after we finish recording the interview for this weeks podcast Carl the developer gets an official partnership with My Channel Logos (My Channel Logos is available at MadeforMediaCenter.com)

Starting with the next release (over the next couple of days), Remote Potato will no longer come packaged with any channel logos.  Instead, users will be able to click through to download logos directly from the My Channel Logos site.  My Channel Logos currently hosts thousands of free, high-quality, beautiful logos from all around the world, so it is a natural solution to the problem of getting reliable, well-made icons for Remote Potato.

And, if you have My Channel Logos already installed on your system, no additional work is required.  Remote Potato will allow you to import the logos already on your system.

I am delighted to be able to announce this partnership, and would like to extend my enormous gratititude to My Channel Logos for making it happen.  Don’t forget, if you use their app and/or logos, you should really make a donation to support the amazing work they’re doing to create such a comprehensive collection.

Here are a couple of (UK / US) examples of how their white logos look when installed.  Colour logos are also available.

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