I spent the morning touring the E-Book/E-Reader showcase and I can confidently predict the cost of ownership for e-reader technology is going to come down this year. With so many manufacturers pushing very similar form factors with similar e-ink technologies it is going to be difficult to find a competitive edge.

The things I think to look for are going to be battery life, refresh rate and screen quality.

Some of the devices I looked at today were taking some 20 to 30 seconds to change page which is unacceptable others were almost instantaneous (Cybook and Samsung impressed here)

We are trying to arrange an ebook reader shoot-off sometime soon to try and compare face to face various readers.

I have just completed my final walk round and passed again something which has impressed me all week. My experience with Wireless Speakers has always been poor but the Soundolier wireless speakers which look like designer lamp-stands have always sounded crisp and detailed as I have walked passed them without any hint of interference. www.sondolier.com

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