I have to admit, I didn’t really plan to do any interviews or get any photographs of anything at CES. I was just going to take note of interesting items and discuss them on the next TDL Mobile podcast; but then I saw the concept tablet from ASUS and I just had to get some video on it. Luckily, I had my newly purchased Flip camera and was able to get a brief snippet of the device. Not many details since it’s just a concept, but it looks great. The idea is to leverage the device’s flexibility and be able to use it as an e-book reader, a slate to take notes on, or a netbook with a virtual keyboard on one screen and typical desktop on the other. The tablet was created as part of ASUS’ wepc.com initiative in which users submit ideas for devices they would like to see, and ASUS then creates them. Essentially, ASUS is crowd-sourcing their design team. What better way to create a product the people will buy than asking the consumer directly. Check out the brief video (sorry about the shakiness).

ASUS Dual-Screen Tablet Video

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