I’ve been wanting to get this working for a long time now and we finally have a solution for integrating live TV from True Visions in to Windows 7 Media Center.

True Visions offer both Satellite and Cable TV, we have only tested this so far using a satellite dish and a FloppyDTV S2 and also a FireDTV S/CI.

This is still work in progress, but as you can see from the below screen shots we have EPG data in Media Center for the TV channels, I believe this is a first in Thailand using Windows 7 Media Center!

We used the Big Screen EPG beta application written by Niall Ginsbourg to import the XMLTV data in to Media Center.

I’d like to give Niall a massive thank you for his help with this project.

If anyone is interested in Live TV / PVR
functionality within Windows Media Center here in Thailand, then please
feel free to contact me and I can put you in touch with a CEDIA registered custom installation company in this region.

True Visions EPG data in Windows 7 Media Center

Click the screen shots for larger images.





There’s a mixture of English and Thai language in the EPG, depending on what data is being imported in to Media Center from the XMLTV grabber.




We can potentially have up to a full month of program guide data.


Record Live TV


Mini Guide


Program Info


Big Screen EPG is currently in beta state and will be a commercial application when it is released.


We added logos to the majority of the TV Channels.


Custom XMLTV Provider.


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