For a while it looked like the Ricavision Sideshow remote I saw at CES back in January would be the Media Center remote I wanted, I love the idea of the Sideshow but the Ricavision remote is no more and neither is the company. The other option is using a Windows Mobile device (see this video) and that is great for geeks but a bit complicated for the average user (and a bit unreliable) so I was very interested to get a tip from Derek Flickinger that the Philips SRM7500 Media Center remote has sideshow built in. Derek said he ordered the remote from Amazon and noticed in the help file it mentions that it’s sideshow compatible, he tried setting it up and it worked.

Both the Sideshow component and the remote control work over RF via a RF USB dongle so to fiddling with Bluetooth is not required and no line of sight is needed to control Media Center. Derek said “the small monochrome screen is not as nice as the one that the Ricavision remote had, but for $68 it is a steal”

The remote control is available on for $68 and in the UK for £83.97 (how come the UK pays so much more!)

Here are some pictures from Derek and you will hear more from him on The Custom Integrator Show coming soon

image009  image005 image008

18 thoughts on “Philips SRM7500 Windows Media Center remote comes with Windows Sideshow!”
  1. I think this is what I’m looking for after the new year when I move my Media Center downstairs. RF would be perfect. Just wondering about the range…

  2. This one has been one the market for ages and i think it lacks the quality and WAF that Harmony provides. Sideshow or not.

    I you need serious sideshow, without monochrome display, you had better get yourselft a WM6 device using MS’ betaware or maybe automation software like proximis netremote in conjunction with Proximis Girder and MCEspy.

  3. cw-kid

    I’ve done a load of research into this, and it all just pointed to the music sideshow stuff working….however if you look at photo in the post it *looks* like it’s the full sideshow experience now (I suspec this changed with the release of the software rescently and Philips haven’t updated).

    I was going to buy one to test it for the heck of it…but now this is a hotly anticpated podcast for me!!

  4. Ok… I am on the same bandwagon here… this is GREAT! now let’s see it control other devices on the PC like Zwave and Automation stuff and you have a home run (or what ever the same is in cricket)

  5. It definitely supports Windows SideShow gadgets, The pictures are not fake. The range is about 30 feet via the RF, but it also has IR for other devices. The Xbox device implementation could use some work because you have to “learn” the codes to get all of the buttons working and The Green Button is “hard-wired” to the PC and is not taken in the context of the current device. The next thing to try is to learn the “colored” buttons at the bottom so that they match up with the four colored buttons used for navigating around on the Xbox dashboard (which actually is why we got it in the first place). It does support user switching, although I have not gotten a chance to play with that yet (so theoretically it can control the Extender sessions, too).

    Although this guy has been around for a while, we did not know that it actually had the SideShow client built in – and it was on sale at the time. It also is interesting that the Music feature does not show up as a Windows SideShow gadget in the SideShow Control Panel applet (see picture). The SideShow implementation does not support the cover art images for the WMC gadgets like the Ricavision did, but the navigation through the song list is better. It also does not have a Menu button, so going backwards can be a pain. There is a good amount of Glance Data exposed for things like Recorded TV, but it sits for a bit when going back up the tree. However, it is a breeze to add devices and it does support “actions” (macros) for them. There is no way to back up your configuration either. For those that have a need for a Windows SideShow remote, this is the only option we have found – and it is a very usable implementation of a remote in general. To my knowledge, it does not support the Microsoft SMK Quatro Pulse and DDI Version 2 protocols required for Windows 7 either.


  6. I forgot to mention that the only reference to supporting Windows SideShow was from reading the help file (chm) that came with it. I am not sure if the software on the PC has the ability to update the code running in the remote, but that would be a great feature. There was an update to the PC software after the USB device was installed. Ian did not post the image of the text.


  7. I can’t remember if I saw this remote on the web in the past and then forgot about it, But its now very interesting with Sideshow! It’s been out for well over a year maybe more ? I was looking to buy a Harmony 895 which can do RF with the extender module but no SideShow, I really don’t know why there is not a Harmony remote that support SideShow ?

  8. Thinking about buying this today. Has anyone successful in making this remote controlling xbox 360, use the green button for xbox 360, and browse music from xbox & play them on the speaker attach to xbox? Or is it possible at all?

  9. You guys didn’t read any of the stuff I’ve written about this in the past? Okay, to rehash:

    the original review:,1759,2235989,00.asp

    all the pictures I took (last year):,1206,l%253D%2526a%253D221623,00.asp

    the update that added SideShow functionality:

    Note that serious issues developed along with the latest release of the software, to the point that this thing is actually pretty terribly written. I’ve asked Philips about it, and they plan a patch–in several months. Read all about it here:

  10. hey thanks for the links Jeremy. I will take a look.

    Can we have more Media Center topics on the PC Mag radio podcasts please 🙂

  11. hmm doesn’t sound good does it reading that Green Button thread sounds really buggy and unreliable. Does anyone know if Philips ever sorted these problems out ?

  12. Like I said, Philips hasn’t sorted these problems out. The “Todo” bug mentioned in the Green Button thread I linked to is a recurring — and very irritating — bug. And again, I’ve asked Philips about it, and they plan a patch–in several months.

  13. this looks good.

    but i have a rule – dont touch philips gear

    had an idtv which went faulty, a streamium – that was rubish then went faulty and a dvd recorder – which again went faulty.

    being burnt 3 times – i have finaly learnt my lesson

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