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This week Ted Singh from Embedded Automation returns to the show to talk about mControl 2.0, a home automation package written for Vista Media Center. We talk about what the new MCML user interface, security and other updates to 2.0

I have email, news items and a winner of the One Voice competition

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Show Times:
00:55 Coming up this week
01:34 Email – Refresh Rates – see this thread
03:28 Windows Live Listas – The Media Center Show Nominations
04:47 An all in one Xbox 360?
06:06 Xbox 360 Arcade, a low cost extender
07:30 Youtube video of UMPC and Streedeck
08:41 Winner of the One Voice competitor
09:30 A Message from One Voice
10:19 Welcome to Ted Singh
12:40 Who are Embedded Automation
14:00 V1
16:28 HTML applications in V2
20:00 Security
24:00 Using Windows Home Server
25:00 Devices
25:34 Automation
33:00 Driver Device Kit
36:00 Clients
39:53 Wall Mounting
42:50 Download a free trial and discus on the Embedded Automation forums  
44:37 See you next week

Music by Ian Dixon

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