Microsoft have launched the Xbox 360 Arcade pack which makes for the cheapest way to Extender Windows Media Center. The new Xbox pack contains a HDMI equipped Xbox 360, a 256mb memory unit and 5 arcade games. It does not have a hard disk but to be an extender you don’t need it . Just connect the 360 up to your network and then to your TV via HDMI (cable not included) and you have a £199 extender. I know people complain about the fan noise but it is not really noticeable on my 360.

Also you can switch the 360 to boot directly in to Media Center when you switch it on.

From the dashboard, go to System, Console Settings, Startup and there along with Disc and Xbox Dashboard is the new option, Media Center.  Select that and the Xbox 360 will boot directly in to the Media Center extender experience when you turn it on. 

While this pack is aimed at casual games it makes for a low cost entry in to the world of Media Center Extenders and considering that the hardware Extenders have not been announced for the UK yet this may be the cheapest way for some time

Buy it now from Store Wink

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