More use of Windows Media Center as the core of the digital lifestyle. Domia are using Media Center in their Lifestyle brand with a new home automation solution being shown off in Dubai. Check out this video (divx) showing off the solution

In a few weeks time I will have Tim Ellert from Domia on The Media Center Show to explain all.

More info on their blog



Domia chooses e-Home AUTOMATION to launch new “Lifestyle” solutions developed in partnership with Intel® Corporation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 10th May 2007 –

e-Home AUTOMATION is proud to announce that it has been
chosen as the first company to offer a truly innovative way of smart living to home owners and developers in the
United Arab Emirates. e-HomeDomia Lifestyle is a brand new home automation solution developed in partnership
with Intel Corporation which allows you to cost effectively control any part of your home – whenever you want, from
wherever you are!
Committed to providing the most affordable and cutting-edge home automation to consumers, e-Home
AUTOMATION will be launching this new solution at the Hometech Middle East show in Dubai from 13th-15th May
2007 (stand no. HT410). The company will be joined by leading European smart home developer Domia, and Intel
Corporation to showcase this fully integrated digital home solution.
With e-HomeDomia Lifestyle, intelligent technology for today’s living is now within reach of every homeowner.
Fingertip control over lighting, climate control (HVAC), audio & video, appliances, energy management, security and
surveillance is conveniently and centrally delivered to the homeowner via a variety of smart interfaces. With the
significant growth in new-build property development and an ever-increasing demand for fully integrated smart home
solutions, the United Arab Emirates has been chosen by Domia as a primary region for market development.
"We believe that the cost of owning an e-HomeDomia Lifestyle solution is significantly less than competitor
systems, largely as a result of the work we have carried out in partnership with Intel on their Quad core systems,”
comments Darryl Mattocks, Managing Director of Domia Ltd. “This technology enables owners to control and
automate more Lifestyle technologies on a single computer than was previously possible. This has led to a simpler and
cheaper system than previously thought possible.”
“In particular, CCTV management, appliance control, and voice recognition can now be handled transparently in the
background, whilst still leaving sufficient processing power to enable full media experiences such as playback of high
definition video and gaming,” Mattocks continues. “Without the power and energy efficiency of the Intel Quad Core
CPU, these tasks would have required separate computers to process individual aspects of the lifestyle system, costing
more to both the end user and the environment. We believe installers will find the system simpler to commission and
families will benefit from having more control over their digital lifestyle using fewer hardware components and at a
cheaper cost.”
“To control your home from a central point either remotely or locally through a variety of multi-functional interfaces is
now an integral part of everyday contemporary living,” comments Arch. Khalifa A. A. AlJaziri, Managing Director of e-
Home AUTOMATION. “e-HomeDomia Lifestyle is superior to other smart home products currently on the market
as it provides a greater range of user interfaces than competitors such as Vista’s Media Center GUI, mobile phone and
web interfaces.”
“The beauty of our system is that it is designed in a form that has more modules at a wider variety of price points,”
continues AlJaziri, “this means that you can customize and grow an entire solution in stages. The latest version of the
Domia Harmony software is also extremely flexible, allowing you to use any equipment, in any system, from any
supplier – seamlessly.”
“e-HomeDomia Lifestyle is an exciting leap forward for the smart home market,” enthuses AlJaziri. “It enables you
to take full control of your home from anywhere in the world – switch off your lights via the Internet from your desk
at work, even monitor your home from your favorite spot on the beach via your mobile phone, the possibilities are
endless! Furthermore, this sophisticated technology is incredibly responsive. For example, if you use your mobile
phone to switch on your cooling, all other interfaces such as the touchscreens in the home are automatically updated
to show the true status of your home at anytime.”
About e-Home AUTOMATION:
e-Home AUTOMATION is the leading supplier and installer of integrated smart home solutions to the United Arab
Emirates and the Gulf region and beyond. The company integrates a vast array of smart applications such as audio &
video, lighting, climate control (HVAC), security and surveillance into complete and affordable digital home solutions.
e-Home AUTOMATION draws on the experience and innovation of Domia Ltd, Europe’s leading developer of home
automation software, hardware and lifestyle systems who works in partnership with Intel Corporation. e-Home
AUTOMATION’s goal is to make home automation flexible, simple and comprehensive by offering a completely
integrated lifestyle product range. For further information about e-Home AUTOMATION, e-HomeDomia Lifestyle
or Domia Harmony please use the following contact details:
Business Avenue Tel: +971 (4) 295 7878
P.O. Box: 779 Dubai Email: [email protected]
United Arab Emirates Web:
The Intel logo is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and other countries


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