Since the Spring Update for the Xbox 360 you can boot your Xbox 360 directly in to Windows Media Center. This is great for people like me that use their Xbox 360 mainly as an Extender. It all adds to the WAF!

Thanks to Michael Creasy for the tip

The new Spring Update for the Xbox 360 is out.

While playing around with my system this morning I found a new feature I hadn’t seen reported before.  You can now boot your Xbox 360 directly into Media Center.  From the dashboard, go to System, Console Settings, Startup and there along with Disc and Xbox Dashboard is the new option, Media Center.  Select that and the Xbox 360 will boot directly in to the Media Center extender experience when you turn it on.  Great if you use your Xbox 360 mostly as a Media Center Extender.


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3 thoughts on “Boot Your Xbox 360 straight in to Media Center”
  1. nope, but for me its great as my 360 is just out of line of sight so I tend to use the 360 controller which means at the moment I fire up the 360 then go in to the Media blade and start Media Center.

  2. is anyone aware of a way to make media center launch into live tv mode? i would like the ability to get tv by powering on the 360

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