My Memories for Windows Media Center

My Memories for Windows Media Center

We don’t get a lot of new development for Windows Media Center but there is a new application that has been developed called My Memories for Windows Media Center. The app is developed by the developer for Recorded TV HD and brings you photos to life via Windows Media Center. The addin has fantastic transitions between the photos, it works as a screen saver displaying your photo collection and you can interact with the photos. As it’s a screen saver it kicks in when Media Center is not in use so it’s a great way of viewing photos that you would not normally see.

It will work on Extenders with Windows Media Center running Windows 7 and Windows 8. There is a free demo version available that gives you a great idea of the functionality with only a couple of images reminding you to purchase it and if you do buy it the cost is only $5. It’s great to see new Windows Media Center applications and this one is something everyone with pictures on their systems could use.

Checkout the video demo and head over to the developer’s site to get the download



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